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Because the world is constantly changing, what could be better than giving your child the best luggage? Introduce him, from an early age to new languages allowing him to discover new horizons!

From home, and through games and fun activities accessible to all, introduce your children to a universe:

Anglo-saxon ūü°™¬† Teachers Live from LONDON!

Arabophone ūü°™¬† Mou3alima borned and having studied at MEDINE!

Hispanic ūü°™ Profesoras from COLOMBIA!

Francophone ūü°™ Live host from PARIS¬†!

Just like face to face, the Rainbow Online Club  offers online language initiation workshops for children from 2 years old! Inspired by

the best of active pedagogies, emotional memory and all the senses are called upon so that your child learns while playing and

without realizing it.

Short but highly effective, each session (40 minutes) captures the children’s attention as much as possible.


From May 17 to July 11 2021

The number of participants is limited

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