Rules and regulations

These rules and regulations are intended to introduce the Rainbow Online Club  to all. They ensure that our staff are treated with the respect they deserve. They will be sent to all families upon registration. These rules are given to every new member at the beginning of the term.


The Rainbow Online Club  offers introductory language workshops to children from 2 years and upwards (until the age of puberty for boys). It is scientifically proven that a child is more inclined to learn languages from an early age. It is therefore beneficial for them to engage in this kind of learning, particularly if the family is committed to maintaining their child’s learning. The comprehension of multiple languages ​​requires frequent practice and daily revision. The Rainbow Online Club offers INTRODUCTORY and preliminary workshops to the English, Arabic, Spanish and French languages without committing to a guarantee of results.

Registration guidelines and fees

To participate in Rainbow Online Club  workshops, the child must be registered and payment of the membership fee for the chosen offer must be paid, alongside the registration fee.

 Participation in Rainbow Online Club  workshops requires a PayPal payment valid for a specific period of time until the end of the term. It becomes final upon validation of the payment. After sending the payment confirmation, you will receive Zoom codes for each of the language workshops. These codes are strictly confidential and are not to be shared with anyone.

 The workshops are offered every week at fixed times. Please refer to the workshop schedules sent by email when you registered.

 Any changes to names, email addresses or phone numbers should be reported to the Rainbow Desk, in order to update your information.

 Registration is firm and definitive for the entire duration of the chosen offer. Any cancellation, withdrawal or discontinuation by the family will not give rise to any reimbursement, except in extenuating circumstances with proof (medical reasons, etc.).

 The Rainbow Online Club  strongly advises moms to stay close to their child(ren) during the workshop to help them with the hands-on activities.


Structure of workshops

The online workshops last 40 minutes to best capture the attention of children. In order to create an environment conducive to learning and out of respect for all, the Rainbow Online Club asks participants to be punctual.

Absence should be notified in advance by email whenever possible. No catch-up sessions will be possible in the event of absence resulting from your responsibility.

WOMEN ONLY: No male presence is accepted during the workshops to preserve the modesty of teachers and moms. If this happens we will unfortunately be forced to exclude your child from the Rainbow Online Club permanently without any refund possible.

The majority of the materials used in the workshops are private property and cannot be passed on to you. It is not permitted to share the content that we do provide to you.

The Zoom access code and password are sent to you only once by email. It is strongly advised that you save them. These codes are strictly confidential and for personal use only. An email giving you tips on how to use the Zoom platform is sent to you during your registration, as well as a tutorial to be comfortable with this tool. Please note that the Rainbow Online Club  is not responsible for any problems related to your connection.

 If you have not subscribed to the PREMIUM offer, we invite you to contact us by email for any request to the Rainbow 

 Discretion is required by all parent/child members with respect to any facts, information or other details regarding the Rainbow Online Club.

By registration, the participants agree to comply with these Rules and regulations.

Any person registered with the Rainbow Online Club must comply with it and respect its commitments. Non-compliance with these rules may result in the provisional or definitive suspension of registration.


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